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Malcolm Torres

With a degree in Radio & TV Communications, I took a completely different career path out of college and went to work in Call Centers and Call Center Management. I worked for a couple of different fortune 500 companies for 15 years. In 2004 I bought an inexpensive camcorder and a cheap editing program, and as a hobby I slowly began to rekindle a passion by making home videos. With a push from my wife Jennifer, I decided to turn that passion into a career.

I started Red Leaf Films in 2007. We initially started filming video tours for Real Estate Agents. Instead of a spin around the room tour, Red Leaf Films was one of the first companies in the Charlotte area to offer a video tour that was not panning and scanning pictures. We offered a quality video that truly highlighted the home, and even had the option of a professional voiceover for the video.

“Malcolm and his team at Red Leaf films are professional, talented and fun to work with. They were inconspicuous—I hardly noticed that they were there–until I needed them. True professionals. Thank you Malcolm, for being a part of my wedding weekend. You are the best!”
Sharon Molofsky

In late 2007 with the help of my wife, we filmed our first wedding. Since that time Red Leaf Films has become one of the premiere companies to film and produce elegant wedding films in the Charlotte and Asheville areas.

Even though our main focus has become wedding, we do still work with different businesses producing broadcast quality commercials for websites and the internet at an extremely affordable price.

We also work with a few of the premiere home builders in the area creating video tours of their model homes as well as communities to showcase the lifestyle each community offers.

With an array of services available Red Leaf Films can help you, our customer, take your event and bring it to life! We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and committed to producing quality films at an affordable price.