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Aug 2012 02

Lola’s on Brevard

Posted in Commercials

  Even though Lola's on Brevard is kind of off the beaten path in Uptown Charlotte, this place had a real good crowd coming though for lunch the day I was filming. If you are looking for some good southern cuisine ...

Jul 2012 26

Yama Asian Fusion

Posted in Commercials, Video Charlotte

  Here is a video we did for Yama Asian Fusion. I feel bad because I didn't even know they were right across from Earth Fare in the SouthPark area- and I had been to Earth Fare several times before ...

Jul 2012 19

1837 Painters Gap

Posted in Real Estate Videos

  How far will I drive to film a house for a customer? Quite a ways! Here is a home I filmed in Union Mills, NC. Where is Union Mills NC? About 80 miles west of Charlotte. ...

Jul 2012 12

6112 Rehobeth Rd

Posted in Real Estate Videos

  There are a lot of great homes near or right off of Marvin Rd in Waxhaw. This one was a gated home with a very long winding driveway- so talk about privacy!! My favorite part of this million dollar ...